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開催告知:アジアジャパンアートビエンナーレ 2021 in Singapore 06/04〜06/06

アジアジャパンアートビエンナーレ2021 in シンガポール






会期 2021年6月4日(金)〜6月6日(日)
会場 THE ARTS HOUSE(シンガポール)
時間 11:00-18:00(最終日は15:00まで)
主催 一般社団法人 日欧宮殿芸術協会


Asia Japan Art Biennale 2021 in Singapore

The Asia Japan Art Biennale 2021 is an exhibition to facilitate artistic and cultural exchange between Japan and other Asian countries.
We, the Japan-Europe Palace Art Association, are fascinated by the art and culture of Asia, which have seen dramatic development in recent years.
 In recognition and appreciation, we have held exhibitions in Cebu, the Philippines in 2018, and Singapore in 2019.
This will be the second time we hold the exhibition in Singapore;
we believe it has become the center of Asian art and culture in recent years.
Japan’s artistic culture is extremely diverse, consisting of many coexisting genres with unique origins and history.

Japanese culture has indeed gained worldwide recognition due to the efforts of Japanese artists and authors in perfecting their craft without being influenced by global trends.

This exhibition has been postponed since last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Participating artists have been very cooperative in creating and submitting their works,
despite their own difficulties faced amidst the pandemic.
They have been highly supportive in our cause to give the world courage and hope.
We hope that this relentlessness and steadfast energy evident in their work will inspire and fill you with courage and hope in your lives.
We believe that artistic and cultural exchange between Japan and Singapore will continue to grow stronger in the future.
There is always light at the end of the tunnel.
Let’s work together to get there!

Exhibition Period: 04 June– 06 June 2021
Venue: THE ARTS HOUSE(Singapore)
Opening Hours: 11:00-18:00
Organizer: Japan-Europe Palace Art Association